duminică, 28 februarie 2016

Sweet Bar - J.R. Moehringer

Good writing, made me feel like I was watching a movie, some of the comments were really like close-ups in a film. All the characters at the bar were alive, so vivid, that I was actually able to picture them in my head.
The story is very powerful, very intimate - and even though the main character is so affected by the absence of his father, and he mentions this in so many forms during the book, my feeling at the end was that this book was about his mother and about how she was able to do the right thing for her son.
The part about being at the bar, drinking, is what I liked least from the book, I was all the time looking forward to the developments happening outside the bar. A bit too much alcohol for my taste, and too many characters whose lives were affected by it

Day 5

Still hanging, it has been very easy, actually, no craving, no despair
The weekend is tougher than working days, yesterday we were visiting friends and sweets were served, today we hang around the house and felt the need to have chocolate with my morning coffee.
But, as I said, still strong

joi, 25 februarie 2016

Day 2

easy so far
today I had some dried plums for afternoon snack - they were quite sweet, so no cravings
I think carbs would be for me much harder to give up on, as I don't really crave sweets
almost slipped because of corn which i wanted to put in a tuna salad - then I remembered it usually contains sugar, checked the label and put it back in the fridge
also realized today that I will probably slip in order to eat mucenici, which I totally love; but that will be one day only

marți, 23 februarie 2016

30-day No Sugar Challenge

I start tomorrow
I will print two calendar sheets, one for my desk and one for the home fridge
I will keep track of the challenge here
Wish me luck!